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 Dude, so much AD here, why not clean them all?

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MessageSujet: Dude, so much AD here, why not clean them all?   Mer 3 Aoû - 15:09

Hello. Originally posted by attar: DVD Shrink outputs all of the files that are required to author a DVD - that's why there are .IFO .BUP and .VOB files.The default output size settings are for burning to blank disks that are 4 or 8 GB - although you can set a custom size.Since you are selecting a single chapter there is no transcoding taking place (it's because the small size selected will fit on a disk without transcoding) and you would leave the size at either 4 or 8.DVD Shrink does not change frame rate.It does not encode the video - thus there is no change in video bitrate.DVD Shrink does not compress the audio - it is saved unchanged - you merely select which audio streams you wish to keep.If the source DVD audio plays ok on your PC, the output audio should be the same.If you don't intend to burn the output files in DVD format (that is you don't intend to play the output on a standalone player), then you can simply play the VTS_01_1.VOB file on the PC with your media player of choice. I think I know why my Video comes out greate but my Audio for the Talking is very low and the Music and sond is very High.First I put my DVD in and then when it starts to play in my Media Player I stop it and closs it.Then I start my DVDShrink and go to Open Disk and let it load the DVD.Then I go to Re Auther Tab and on the Right hand side I drag my Title I want over to the Left hand side.Then I click Backup.Sould I be doing something with the Audio???Like on the other screen to just do a Backup you have to pick your audio and video.When I am in Re Auther do I have to set my audio or somethin???
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Dude, so much AD here, why not clean them all?
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